Semi Private Area

Semi-Private Areas

The Velarium Casino

At the centre of the main casino lies the magnificent glass enclosed Velarium. It provides smokers with 116 slot machines and 20 tables.

The tables include :

  • 10 Roulette Tables
  • 6 Blackjack Tables
  • 5 Poker Tables
  • 1 Baccarat and 1 Punto Banco Table

The slot 50c and R1 slot machines include traditional reel machines as well as a variety of multi-line video machines, which are tokenized to 5c and 10c per credit.

Progressive Jackpots

Ensuring that all players have equal opportunities to win large jackpot pay-outs, all Red Eye Nickels progressive jackpots in the smoking and non-smoking areas are linked together throughout the casino.

Progressive Name Denomination
Jungle Cash R0,05
Red Eye Nickel R1.00
Dup Fu Duo Cai R0,05
Quick HIts R0,10

Emperors Club Casino

This luxurious semi-private gaming area is located off the main casino floor. It features 139 slot machines in R2 and R5 denominations including the latest multi-line video slot machines that are tokenized to 10c, 20c, 25c, 50c, R1, R2 and R5.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Name Denomination
Pixie Wishes R0,01 - R0,10
Stand Alone Poker R2,00
Red Eye Nickel R10.00
Stand Alone R10,00
Stand Alone R0.20

The Emporium Casino

Situated at the entrance to The Emporium, this designated smoking area features 130 slot machines in 50c and R1 denominations. A mix of traditional reel machines, multi-line video reels and progressive machines await players.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Name Denomination
Duo Fu Duo Cai R0.05
Wild Africa Mystery R0.02
Brothers of Fortune R0.05

The Victorium Casino

This casino offers 282 slot machines including traditional 50c and R1 reel machines and the latest tokenized video reel games. The Victorium Casino has a dedicated Cashier’s Desk for 50c and R1 tokens and a Service Bar. Credit cards are accepted but there are no credit or foreign exchange facilities.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Name Denomination
Lightning Link R0,01 - R0,10
Flexi Link R0.05
Break The Bank R1.00
Wheel of Gold R1.00
Quick Hits R0.05
Zeng Cheng R0.05
Double Whammy R1.00
Ultimate Wheel R0.05
Extreme Jackpot R0.05
Lock "In Link R0.01 - R0.10
Duo Fu Duo Cai R0.05
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