The CODESA Walkway

The CODESA Walkway

A walk through not so ancient history is preserved and presented in The CODESA Walkway. Whether local or international guests, conference delegates or Emperors Palace guests, many have experienced the walk through South African history.

Located only a few feet away from the 29 conferencing venues, this awe-inspiring walkway provides a look into one of South Africa’s most significant times. The CODESA (Convention for a Democratic South Africa) talks held at the World Trade Centre, now Emperors Palace, eventually led to a democratic South Africa.

In December 1991, political parties gathered at the World Trade Centre to commence negotiations for a political settlement in South Africa. This was to be the venue for formal talks for the next two years. The CODESA negotiations took place from 1990 until 1993 between the governing National Party (NP), the African National Congress (ANC), and several other political organisations. The negotiations resulted in South Africa’s first multi-racial election which was won by the ANC.

The CODESA Walkway is proudly housed in the heart of the South Wing in the Convention Centre at Emperors Palace, in what was the original area of the World Trade Centre where the negotiations took place.

Venues At The Palace

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