Xmas Reptile Expo

Xmas Reptile Expo

15 December 2019, Emperors Palace Welcome to the biggest Reptile Expo in Africa!

The Xmas Reptile Expo is going to be held in the luxurious conference halls at Emperors Palace. 

15 Dec 2019 | 12h00 - 18h00  
Conference Centre - Senate Room

Tickets are available at the door
Adults R40
Children R20

There is something for all reptile lovers:

  • Cages, dry goods, books, magazines, DVDs, plants, insects and accessories will be available for sale.
  • Help make your reptile a happy (or is that a snappy) chap with thermostats, vitamins, minerals and other accessories available.
  • Reptile apparel like T-shirts and even underwear will also be on offer to dress for the part.
  • Books, manuals and courses on offer, like how to feed your baby snake or how to save a life if someone is bitten by a snake.
  • Baby reptiles and arachnids on display and for sale. There are always new products being developed and these will all be on sale for the budding or experienced reptile keeper alike.
  • If you are not sure about the laws we will once again have the relevant departments in the hall to assist you.
  • New species and colour or pattern morphs will be available (or just on show) for the first time – a good investment opportunity.
  • Many different chameleons, geckos and more placid reptiles on offer. 

Visit www.reptileexpo.co.za for more information

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