Arizona Poker Plus

Arizona Poker Plus

Emperors Palace Casino Side Bet Progressive Poker!

Take your Poker Play to the next level with this exciting Progressive Side-Bet feature on Arizona Hold’em. Exclusive to Emperors Palace, Arizona Poker Plus Progressive gives you more chances to win!

In Arizona Plus Poker players compete against the casino instead of one another. The winner is the player or Dealer who can make the best 5-card Poker hand using any combination of their two cards and the five community cards. The Poker Plus Side Bet feature does not change the dynamics of the base game, and all you have to do is place an additional wager on the flashing bet sensor located above the Ante (initial wager). The Progressive starts off at a minimum R100 000 and you need to get a Straight Flush to win!

How to play:
• Place a minimum bet* on the Ante then you have an option of adding a bet on Raise 1 or 2
• You are dealt three cards and two community cards are dealt
• Dealer raises first and the player can raise afterwards if you feel you have a winning hand
• Side bets** must be placed before the final cards are dealt

There are 4 Raise ‘Em Poker Plus tables at Emperors Palace:
• 1 X Main Casino floor
• 1X Velarium Smoking Casino
• 2X Privé

*Main Floor Minimum Ante bet on the Main Casino floor is R50 and maximum R500, and minimum R100 and maximum R100 000 in the Privé.
** Side Bet minimum is R25 on the Main Casino Floor and Side bet minimum is R100 in the Privé

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