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Nathalie and The Soweto String Quartet

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Nathalie and The Soweto String Quartet

24 February 2017 Fado for Africa

Nathalie proudly represents what is arguably the oldest urban folk music in the world; the soul music of Portugal, Fado. 

Her intense voice and raw emotion has gained her overwhelming recognition by the media as one of today`s leading `fadistas,` a huge honor considering she was born and raised in the United States of America.

In 2011, Fado was recognized as UNESCO World Heritage and Nathalie was invited to perform for the first time in Lisbon as part of the celebration as she represented that Fado was in fact `World Heritage` all along. At that time she was awarded with the `Amalia Rodrigues Medal of Merit` on behalf of the Amalia Rodrigues Foundation, where she was recognized as an `Ambassador of Fado` outside of Portugal.

In the spring of 2013 the Boston Globe described Nathalie as the `fresh face of fado.` This concert, featuring the Soweto String Quartet, will mark the beginning of a golden era of South African music.

Just not to be missed.

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